A Portable N Scale Model Railroad

From The Creators of The Train Show

Brettsterville Model Railroad Since 1996

Brought to you by Richard Einhorn, creator and producer of the television show 'The Train Show". With more than 100 Television shows and hundreds of interviews Mr. Einhorn is taking his model railroading experience and model railroad on the road.

The Brettsterville Railroad is going on the road and we plan on entertaining children and adults in hospitals and recreational resorts in the Northeast United States.

Operating trains on the model railroad is a lot of fun and are done with radio control units that are wireless. Running trains and switching them from track to track is just the start to train operations. Animated scenes include a working Wind Turbine, Farm animal sounds as the train passes the farm, a saw mill with the sounds of cutting wood and a train crossing with operating gate.

As an added bonus participants get a "Brettsterville Train Pass", children get a engineers hat in pink or blue and a bandana available in many colors.

In a separate building session, cardboard and paper models are assembled that can be taken back the hospital room or home and also be inspiring for a future train layout.

Thomas The Tank Engine makes it's way around Brettsterville stopping and starting at different locations.

The height of the railroad is adjustable so that is accessible to handicapped people.

It's Fun, Memorable, Educational and everyone can participate!


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