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Updated 9/4/2012

Brettsterville Railroad History
In 1994 the first railroad to provide service to Brettsterville was the Brettsterville Railroad.
In 2004 the Bittersweet & Honeysuckle Railroad purchased all the rolling stock
of the Brettsterville Railroad and took over Passenger & Freight operations.
Late 2005 Bittersweet and Honeysuckle Railroad sold the company to the Brettsterville Railroad
  Railroad Versions
  2007 Brettsterville RR V5 - Dix Hills, NY
  2004 Brettsterville RR V4 - Holtsville, NY
  1997 Brettsterville RR V3 - Hempstead, NY - Basement perimeter layout
  1995 Brettsterville RR V2 - Rock, Levittown, NY - Bedroom Layout w/Mountain Line
  1994 Brettsterville RR V1 - Silo Lane, Levittown, NY - A simple oval of N Scale Track
  N Scale Flextrack by Atlas Model Railroad
2006 December

Mount Brettster Built

2005 September

NCE System Installed

2005 July

Digitrax DCC System Installed - Super Chief and Zephyr

2004 October

N Scale renamed Bittersweet & Honeysuckle, Serving Brettsterville

2004 September New Shelf Railroad - First HO      'Honeysuckle & Brettsterville'
2004 July Time-Saver Layout on a door,
2004 Jan Portable N Scale Layout built with Plexiglass Protectors
2003 July Last Run at Beverly
2002 October Abandoned partial layout in basement. Coryville,
2002 July Removed Mountain Line Access at Stair-Tunnel
2001 February Received MRC Sound Master & New Panel Installed Command 2000 by MRC
2001 January Ravina spur extended with switchback at 23 Silo
2000 August Viaduct and Ravina created with TIPPI
2000 March New turntable installed
1999 September Scenery Re-Work - Roads painted to Grey, Lighting Added
1999 May Brettsterville Northern RR Merges with Hempstead Railroad
1998 August Second Access Doorway added to roomed, Brett was away at Grandma's
1998 May Brettsterville RR was relocated to it's new home in Hempstead, New York
1997 October EPA regulations mandated the relocation of Brett's Recycling. 
Reason: Potential hazardous waste could migrate downstream to ‘Twin Streams’, ‘Bretts Gorge’ & ‘Twin Lake’.
1997 October
Two Rock Trestle supports replaced with reinforced concrete abutments. 
The Original 'Two Rocks' supporting the trestle are now on display at Two Rock Park.
1997 June 'Twin Arch'  This stone overpass was erected for the Railroad to negotiate 2 small rivers just north of Bretts Gorge. 
1996 July First Episode of the Television Show Model Railroading on Long Island
also known as TheTrainShow
1996 May Brettsterville Railroad moves to 2 Rock, New Mountain Line Established
1994 December First N Scale Train Set given to Brett by Aunt Amanda