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Our History

Brought to you by Richard Einhorn, creator and producer of the television show 'The Train Show". With more than 100 Television shows and hundreds of interviews Mr. Einhorn is taking his model railroading experience and model railroad on the road.

The Brettsterville Railroad is going on the road and we plan on entertaining children and adults in hospitals and recreational resorts in the Northeast United States.

Operating trains on the model railroad is a lot of fun. Participants get a "Brettsterville Train Pass"

Brettsterville Railroad History
In 1994 the first railroad to provide service to Brettsterville was the Brettsterville Railroad.

In 2004 the Bittersweet & Honeysuckle Railroad purchased all the rolling stock
of the Brettsterville Railroad and took over Passenger & Freight operations.

Late 2005 Bittersweet and Honeysuckle Railroad sold the company to the Brettsterville Railroad


WElcome to the brettsterville Railroad

N Scale Model Railroad.

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Brettsterville Locomotive Fleet... 

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